How we inspect your home for defects


When inspecting a building for defects, it is vital to assess a multitude of key problem areas, from structural defects to electrical hazards. We access all the hard to reach areas, including the subfloor and in the roof void where we inspect for structural issues and termite infestation. The untrained eye can easily miss these defects during your short time on the property at an open for inspection.

Although the inspection is mainly visual, we also physically test all accessible timbers for termite infestation. We also inspect your home for major structural defects and all minor defects, plumbing defects, electrical defects, and asbestos, which can be extremely harmful to your health.

One of the biggest complaints in the building industry is about water leaks under wet areas. In a pre-purchase building inspection, it is common to find this issue in the subfloor in areas such as bathrooms, laundry, kitchens, and leaky shower bases. Water leaks do extensive damage not only to the subfloor, but also high moisture can attract termites, and both these issues can be extremely costly.

Bayside house inspections are fully insured with $1 million of personal indemnity insurance. All our inspections are conducted by John himself and with his background as a registered builder, qualified carpenter, and licensed timber pest inspector, you can be sure that he looks at the property in its entirety. John’s inspections always include extras like the driveways and paths, fences, pool fences, garage, carport, and trees.

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